Ice Sculptor : An, Zhe 

An, Zhe was born in Harbin, China and is affectionately known as Andy by his Fairbanks friends.  He has been carving ice since 1999.  


His ice sculpting accomplishments in the Fairbanks BP Ice Art Championships include two times 1st, 3rd, and 4th place nd thre times 2nd place awards, in addition to Artist Choice, Peoples Choice and the coveted Governor's Award.  

Andy has competed in North Pole, Alaska, Christmas in Ice and awared 3rd Place and Artists Choice.  In January 2013 he competed Anchorage, Alaska, at the Crystal Gallery of Ice Competion, where he was awarded 3rd Place.  

During the summers, Andy teaches ice sculpting an entertains visitors to Fairbanks with daily i=exhbitions of ice carving at the Fairbanks Ice Museum.